The vast majority of independent music creators and fans around the world are dissatisfied with the limitations and corporate ties of today’s popular streaming services, as well as the antiquated recorded music industry as a whole.

Independent musicians are becoming increasingly difficult to discover, share, and support, because the current popular streaming platforms have direct business ties to the major record labels, and must promote the same past & present celebrity musicians and their songs first and foremost.

EarthTones is the first all-encompassing solution for global Independent performers and fans that enables live music broadcasting, interactive social networking, peer-to-peer discovery & engagement, direct tipping from fans, and total control for music creators; all from anywhere.

The EarthTones App is backed by the decentralized power and transparent security of the Blockchain; making it a next-generation global music platform like no other!

EARTHTONES For DIY Musicians: Providing a global livestreaming platform and built-in social network will enable direct engagement with worldwide fans, complete DIY control & mobility, and the ability to generate revenue with your music like never before.

EARTHTONES For Music Fans: Dissatisfied with the lack of social engagement, discovery tools, and interactive community on today’s music apps, we’re presenting a platform for direct engagement among global music peers. Fans will be incentivized to share, recruit, and expand the network; and will be able to directly support their favorite global DIY performers.

With EarthTones App, we’re unlocking Music Livestreaming as a steady revenue generator for millions of musicians, while providing a brand-new, cutting-edge music experience for fans and music seekers worldwide. EarthTones points to the future of interactive social media, peer-to-peer value exchange, and independent music engagement around the world!

Welcome to the next stage.