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Mobile Livestreaming
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Peer-to-peer payments
Control & Ownership

We’re breaking boundaries

EarthTones is the world’s first micro concert livestreaming app & interactive social network powered by blockchain, designed for independent music creators and fans around the globe.

Forget platinum, time to go Jade.

Artists trying to go platinum is a thing of the past. On Earthtones, Jade is the goal. Jade brings new energy to the music industry. Jade is what empowers the artists and the fans, and the very platform where they connect.

What is Jade? Glad you asked.

Jade is a cryptocurrency backed by smart contracts, which remove the need for greedy middlemen, enable direct fan-to-artists payments, and give artists full rights over their music. 

Jade Token Pre-Sale

Total Supply


Sale Price


Pre-Sale Phase 1 Price

$0.01 + 40% bonus

Pre-Sale Phase 1 Start


Pre-Sale Phase 2 Price

$0.01 + 30% bonus

Pre-Sale Phase 2 Start


Total For Sale


Accepted Currencies


Pre-Sale Phase 1 Supply

3,000,000 JADE

Pre-Sale Phase 1 End


Pre-Sale Phase 2 Supply

15,000,000 JADE

Pre-Sale Phase 2 End


Jade Network

Phase 1 Completion:

Jade Sold 10%

Earthtones Livestreaming Solution

Mobile Livestreaming
Interactive Social Network
Peer-to-peer payments
Control & Ownership

ET Mobile App

The Earthtones Mobile App enables DIY musicians to livestream immersive performances and content for fans from any location in the world, at any time.

Experience dynamic engagement, chat, voting, and referral rewards to further connect and expand the interactive community.

Creators will receive tips, rewards, and other secure payments instantly and directly from their global audience.

And most importantly, musicians will retain and control 100% of their music rights, publishing rights, digital data, and broadcasted content.

Development Roadmap

January 2020

Project started

January 2020

March 2020

Whitepaper released

March 2020

April 2020

Partners acquired

April 2020

June 2020

App development started

June 2020

September 2020

Token pre-sale started

September 2020

November 2020

Mobile alpha testing

November 2020

January 2021

Token whitelist sale

January 2021

March 2021

Beta release

March 2021

September 2021

Full release

September 2021

Passionate Team

Ryan Nichols


Jeremy Klein

Systems Designer

Alex Sobral

Immersive Audio

Isaak Hayes

Design Consultant

Darryl Swann

Music Technology

Derrick Butler

Sales Consultant

Michael Duff

Systems Advisor

New Member

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The vast majority of independent music creators and fans around the world are dissatisfied with the limitations and corporate ties …

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